Privacy policy

This page presents the privacy policy of Fimarkets, a sole proprietorship registered by the Versailles company register under number 482042330 (France). Fimarkets publishes the website

What personal data are collected by Fimarkets?

The data you send us directly

When you create an account on our Web site or place an order for a Fimarkets product, we may ask you to provide the following personal information: your email address, username, surname, first name, company and address, in order to identify you as a customer and provide you with an invoice.

Although Fimarkets sells some online services such as the Fimarkets book in PDF format, Fimarkets does not collect your banking data. The payment transaction is delegated to the Paypal Web site.

The data we collect indirectly

Fimarkets incorporates third-party technologies that may collect personal information through cookies. A cookie is a file placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a site, application or online advertisement.

Some cookies are used only for the proper functioning of the site, others may contain personal data such as your IP address.

Fimarkets includes the following components that may deposit cookies on your computer:

  • Google Adsense : personalised advertisements from Google
  • Linkedin Follow button: a button to track Fimarkets news from your Linkedin page

The Facebook and Linkedin Share buttons, as integrated into Fimarkets, do not store cookies and therefore do not transmit any personal information.

Fimarkets also integrates the Google Analytics component for tracking Fimarkets' web traffic for statistical purposes. Google Analytics also deposits cookies, however the transmission of your IP address to Google is disabled, in order not to transmit any personal information.

Use of personal data collected by Fimarkets

The data we collect directly are used to identify you as a customer of one of the Fimarkets offers, author of a comment or subscriber to the Fimarkets newsletter. Fimarkets does not sell or share the information thus collected with third parties.

You have the right to access, rectify or delete your personal data. In order to do so, just make a request with the contact form.

Consent and unsubscription

You can prevent the creation of cookies set by Google Adsense and Linkedin's Follow button by clicking on the Personalize button in the cookie consent banner at the bottom of any page. If you do not accept these cookies, the Adsense ads and the Follow button will not be visible on the site.

The consent banner disappears if you scroll down the page for a while or if you access another page. Consent is then considered to have been obtained. If you wish to withdraw this consent, you can either delete the cookies from your browser and reload your page, or open a new window in private browsing mode and access the page. The consent banner will then reappear.

You can unsubscribe from the Fimarkets newsletter from the My account page, by unchecking the box "I wish to subscribe to the Fimarkets newsletter".

Data controller

The data controller is Françoise Caclin, Fimarkets director. Phone number: +33 6 68 42 73 85. Contact.