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In more detail.. By: kchon

Could anybody describe what you mean by the importance of knowing things like the Koranic values or Arabic? What do these have anything to do with trading? Also since the trading world is more technical than ever before, what classes and skillsets are big firms looking for in new traders?

June 17, 2013 18:53:45
Yet more detail By: Admin

Islamic finance is rapidly growing, and so are the financial markets in arabic countries, hence the comparative advantage that someone who speaks arabic or knows islamic finance might have.

By "technical" one has to distinguish 2 different kinds of technical skills, although both are based on math. Financial products are more and more complex and so are the valuation and risk measurement functions. In this area, banks will look for "quant" ie financial mathematics skills.

Meanwhile, there is also the increasing automation and integration of financial IT, with the development of algo trading not being the least. IT engineers with a good knowledge of financial instruments are sought for in this area, although you might say this is not exactly "trading".

June 23, 2013 10:43:55
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